Our Stringers are hand crafted, and made one at a time to meet the needs of fishermen who demand the best.

Gear & Apparel

Although we're known for our stringers, we consistently strive to introduce new  innovative products.

Team Fish Slick

Our team is comprised of  people who believe in our company and share the  same passion for the water as we do.

The Story of Fish Slick

The Original Fish Slick™ Stringer is hand crafted, designed, and made one at a time to meet the needs of fishermen who expect the best. The versatile stringer will serve you well in any lagoon, bay or surf situation.

The stringer is long enough to keep your catch well away from you, yet handy enough to accommodate lots of action. With fish limits ranging from 10 to 25 fish, the 12' Fish Slick™ is an excellent choice for good all 'round Gulf Coast wade fishing. We make stringer sizes from 6’ to 20’ for all different types of situations.

All stringers have the “domino” float keeper which allows quick removal of the fish from the stringer without touching them, untying a knot, or having to pull them off one-by-one from the point end.